PONT-ROUGE is more than a town-planning project; it is the very embodiment of the promise of a new Genevan urban centre less than two kilometres from the current city centre.

Picture a place for living connected to the future LEMAN Express, which is located five minutes from Geneva’s city centre, 15 minutes from the airport and three minutes from the motorway, in one of the most pleasant and attractive cities in the world… PONT-ROUGE is this new urban centre for Geneva, extremely accessible by public transport and boldly contemporary, knowing how to blend business acumen and marketing momentum.

PONT-ROUGE is a project of SBB Real Estate enhancing the area around the future Lancy-Pont-Rouge station. It comprises six rental buildings that will house offices, shops, restaurants, cafés, businesses, leisure areas and public facilities and will not limit itself simply to an architectural challenge. PONT-ROUGE will emphasise well-being for all by also laying out numerous public spaces that will be conducive both to people for meeting and to people-friendly soft mobility.
There will be 600 new housing units, going hand in hand and keeping step with the progress on the CEVA project to round off this new business district. They will make PONT-ROUGE a lively and modern district and a key venue in its own right, competing with the centre of Geneva.

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